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Bread Spinach Croissant (video)
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:56 pm    Post subject: Spinach Croissant (video) Reply with quote

Spinach Croissant (video)

Ispanakli Aycoregi
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English

Spinach Croissant
Welcome to Mutevazi Lezzetler Cuisine Video Page!
We are going to cook a different croissant today.
It is not sweet anomalously.
Spinach Croissant
Before starting, let's see the ingredients:
1 pack instant yeast
1 whole egg and just white of another one
1 cup warm milk
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp salt
Flour, as much as the mixture gets in
For the Stuffing:
1 bunch of spinach (about 1.10 pounds)
1 cube of feta cheese
1 onion, medium size
3 tbsp vegetable
Some salt
For the Upper Side:
1 yolk
1 tsp sesame and 1 tsp nigella seeds
After seeing the ingredients, now we can start to prepare it.
We are starting to prepare the mixture by the eggs.
We are breaking one of the eggs.
Now we are just taking the white of the second one and putting the yolk aside to use later.
We are adding 1 cup warm milk.
1/2 cup sunflower oil.
We are adding about 1 tsp salt also.
And of course the yeast.
Firstly, we are mixing it by fingertips as always we do.
Then, we can start to add flour into the mixture little by little, while kneading the dough.
The dough has reached to the right consistency.
It is not sticking to hand and also it is not very hard.
We are covering it by cyling film.
We are going to rest it at a warm place for about 45 minutes.
While resting the dough, we can prepare the stuffing mixture.
We chopping the onion very very finely.
We are placing it into such a pot.
We are keeping all the feeding value of the spinach at this recipe.
We are adding some salt in it.
we are kneading it for a while, until the onion loses its freshness.
we are slicing the spinach as finely as we can do.
It is sliced very finely now.
We are mixing it for a while, to make the onion pieces stay homogenously in spinach.
We are adding 3 tbsp vegetable oil onto this mixture also.
We are covering the lid of the pot.
We are going to cook it for 20 minutes over low heat without uncovering the lid.
We are checking it now.
Yes, it is getting cooked slowly.
The size of the mixture decreased too much as you can see.
It will be enough to cook it for about 5-10 more minutes.
After the cooking, we rested the mixture for a while to cool it down.
We are adding the cheese over the mixture by this way.
The mixture must cool down, to protect the shape of the cheese pieces.
You can cook this recipe without cheese addition also.
But we used it at this video to get a different taste.
The dough is leavened well.
We are removing it from the bowl and cutting it into small pieces.
It is so soft.
You know, soft dough means soft croissant.
We are cutting it into small pieces, each has lemon size.
Or smaller ones, if you want to cook smaller croissants.
We can shape the croissants now.
We are rolling the dough out by a rolling pin.
The shape of the rolled out dough pieces must be oval.
After rolling out all of the dough pieces, we are going to stuff them.
It is a good way for preventing the waste of the stuffing mixture.
Now we are placing some stuffing mixture over the oval dough pieces.
We are making a small roll at first.
Then, we are getting the ends of the roll together.
Placing them into the greased oven tray.
The ends of roll will separate during the cooking.
We have placed all of the croissants.
We are resting them for about 20 minutes.
We are spreading the remaining yolk all over the croissants.
The measures of the ingredients are fit for a oven tray.
Spreading the sesame and nigella seeds all over the croissants.
You can make some spots over the croissant also, like this.
We are making both of them.
They are ready for cooking.
We are placing the tray into the oven, which is preheated to 375 F.
We are going to bake them, until their surfaces turn into red.
We have baked the croissants for about 30 minutes.
We can serve it, after cooling them down for a while.
We have shared a nice croissant recipe with you today.
Its feeding value is high also.
I think that the children will like it also.
I hope that you will like it.
Good Appetite!

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