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Kebab Garden Kebap (video)
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Banu Atabay

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:36 pm    Post subject: Garden Kebap (video) Reply with quote

Garden Kebap (video)

Bostan Kebabi
This recipe has subtitles in both Turkish and English

Garden Kebap
Welcome to Mutevazi Lezzetler Cuisine!
On this video we will share a traditional kebab recipe with you.
Garden Kebap.
Let’s see the ingredients, before cooking it.
6 small eggplants
21 oz ground meat (calf)
2 onions, medium size
2 tomatoes
Some peppers
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 cup canned green peas
6 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp salt
For Upper Side:
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 cup water
1 tbsp vegetable oil
Some salt
For Garnish:
1 cup of grated kasar cheese
After the ingredients list, we can see how to cook.
Our eggplants are smaller than the normal "Bostan Eggplants"..
..which are traditionally advised for this meal.
If your eggplants are bigger than these ones..
.. you need to cut each of them into 2 pieces.
The specialty of this meal, is serving the eggplants with their stems.
So we are peeling them by keeping their stems.
We have rested the peeled eggplants in salt water..
..for half an hour.
We have drained them also.
If there is some water all over them, we are drying them also.
So we can start to prepare the meal.
We are sprinkling very little salt all over them.
We are always trying to make our meals delicious and healthy also.
We will not fry them. Instead of frying..
..we have developed a new method for this traditional meal.
We are pouring very little oil all over the eggplants.
Everyone knows these cooking bags and you can find them easily.
So, we are placing our eggplants into these bags.
Then, we will place these bags into the oven,..
..which is preheated to 392 F.
We will cook them for 30 minutes.
It can seem very strange or high..
..but you can be sure that it will be cooked very well.
We are closing the bag with this small cord.
We are making 2 holes in the bag like those.
Now we can place it into the oven.
While cooking the eggplants, we can prepare the stuffing mixture.
We are dicing the onions.
After the onions, we are slicing the seeds removed peppers very finely.
We are placing the pepper pieces into the plate.
We are dicing the peeled tomatoes also.
Grating is not advised..
.. because these little tomato pieces make the meal appear better.
Now we can start to cook the stuffing mixture.
I am pouring 6 tbsp of vegetable oil into the pot.
After heating the oil for a while, we are adding the onion pieces.
We are adding some salt also.
Cook it for about 10 minutes.
The onion pieces have lost their freshness.
We are adding the ground meat now.
If you add meat into a meal, the heat must be high at that time.
By this way, the meat becomes softer and more delicious.
The meat has given it broth and soaked some of it.
We can add the other ingredients now.
1 tbsp tomato paste
We are sautéing this mixture for about 5 minutes.
It is the time of tomatoes and green peas.
After adding them, we are adding very little salt now.
We are covering the lid of the pot.
We can remove the pot from the stove 10 minutes later.
The eggplants are cooked very well in 30 minutes.
They are really hot.
You can see them.
They are delicious and healthful as well.
We can wait for a while to make them cool down.
Let’s prepare the sauce.
We are placing 1 tbsp tomato paste into the pot.
We are adding very little salt optionally.
You can also add some black pepper.
1 cup of water and 1 tbsp vegetable oil.
I prefer sunflower oil. You can use another one also.
We are mixing it, until turns into homogenous.
Now we can cook it over medium heat.
You should boil it for a while more after it reaches to the boiling temperature.
The eggplants have cooled down.
I am making cuts at first by the knife.
Then, I am forcing to the soft inner side of eggplants to enlarge the holes.
We can place the stuffing mixture into these holes.
After placing the stuffing, it is time to pour the sauce.
The main function of the sauce prevent the tray dry..
..but also it adds a great taste.
We are placing tomato slices..
..we are placing some grated kasar cheese all over the kebaps.
Now, we can place the tray into the oven,..
.. which is preheated to 392 F.
After cooking the kebaps in the 392 F oven for 30 minutes,..
..we have removed the tray from the oven.
Now we can serve them.
On this video, we have given the recipe of traditional meal,"Garden Kebap".
I hope that you will love it.
Bon Appetite! Afiyet Olsun!

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